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All your household repairs in Brisbane

To put all your household repairs into the past, call now and watch us make history of all your current maintenance problems.

Express Home Maintenance has been servicing maintenance issues and household repairs in Norman Park for many years.  Our services include just about anything you don't have the time or the skills to do yourself.  We are fast, reliable and never leave a mess behind.

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Household repairs

  • plumbing
  • electrical wiring
  • installation of appliances
  • interior decorating
  • outdoor lighting
  • architectural changes
  • flooring
  • hard tiles
  • vinyl siding
  • decks
  • cabinets
  • kitchen and bath remodels
  • landscaping

And just about anything else you can think of that needs repairs and maintenance in your home.

Household helpers

All the staff performing household repairs in Norman Park with Express Home Maintenance excel by being committed to bringing you results that are affordable, delivered on time and to your complete satisfaction.  We don't stop until you tell us everything is just right.

And while Express Home Maintenance is at work on your household repairs and maintenance issues, we understand perfectly your need to keep your home as manageable for day-to-day living as possible.  We work fast and we clean up after ourselves.

We aim to make the only question you have after we've been - why did I not call Express Home Maintenance sooner?  If you have anything to fix, install, repair or build, call now and see us make history of your repair and maintenance issues.